About Savoy Kitchen

Savoy Kitchen – Serving Alhambra Since 1982

Savoy Kitchen has been serving up exceptional dining experiences in Alhambra, CA since 1982. The restaurant’s menu offers a diverse range of options, including creamy mushroom pastas, shrimp pizza, and escargot, but the Famous Hainan Chicken dish truly sets Savoy Kitchen apart. This elegantly simple dish of moist poached chicken, rice, and three sauces has been a staple on the restaurant’s menu for over three decades and has garnered a loyal following. Savoy Kitchen takes pride in the potent ginger garlic spread and the chili sauce recipe, which Savoy Kitchen has expanded to Edmonton. The restaurant’s customers love the food so much that the famous Hainan Chicken is even painted on the side of the parking garage. While the restaurant operates within limited hours, restaurant encourage you to plan accordingly so you can experience the delicious menu as soon as possible.

Interesting Experience with Unique Dishes

In addition to its delicious food, Savoy Kitchen takes pride in its exceptional dining experience. Savoy Kitchen’s limited hours may require some planning, but it’s worth it to experience the unique atmosphere of Savoy Kitchen. Savoy Kitchen’s loyal customers appreciate the attention to detail Savoy Kitchen puts into its dishes and the overall dining experience. It’s no surprise that the famous Hainan Chicken is even painted on the side of the parking garage. Savoy Kitchen is proud of the expansion of its chili sauce recipe to Edmonton. This demonstrates Savoy Kitchen’s commitment to sharing its delicious food and flavors with others outside of Alhambra.

Experience Authentic Chinese Flavors

Savoy Kitchen takes pride in meticulously curating its menu to ensure that every dish is a celebration of authentic Chinese flavors. From sourcing the finest ingredients to masterfully executing each recipe, Savoy’s has perfected the art of culinary craftsmanship.

As you step into Savoy Kitchen, you’ll be greeted with warm hospitality and an ambiance that reflects the elegance and charm of Chinese culture. Savoy’s commitment to delivering exceptional dining experiences extends beyond the plate, creating a truly immersive environment for guests.